WOW WOW WOW, can you just slow the clock down please . . .

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog so thought I needed to fill you in on what’s been going on my end. Usually there are 2 reasons why athletes are quiet on the blog front: 1) Because they’re injured, things aren’t going the way they would like -general bad times or 2) because they’re just head down and training and there’s only so many times you get a chance to sit down and chill. Thankfully for me it’s the latter.

How things have changed since this time last year. Last year I wasn’t really running, and when I was running, I knew I really shouldn’t be. Yes swimming and cycling were going ok, but I knew in my heart things weren’t right.

Now I have nothing to report on that front. I’ve just been training away – swimming, cycling and running, in the gym, sleeping, eating and trying to get ready and focus for the challenge ahead. I suppose there is one big thing in common with last year, I want time to freeze so I can have some more of it!

This is where I start to get nervous about racing…even though I love racing, and I am excited, questions start propping up in my head. How am I going to compare to everyone else? Am I going to race ok? Am I going to be able to perform on the WTS stage? How is everyone else training? Am I going to qualify for the Olympics? These questions/doubts come into your head, no matter what you do in life, and they do worry you, but at the end of the day I have come to realise that what will be will be. I know I’ve had a good training block this winter and it’s been great training in SA Stellenbosch. If my best is not good enough then of course I will be devastated, but I will know in my heart there is nothing more I could have done, and it will be time to re-jig and refocus on something else. Easier said than done though!

The sessions have just started to change here on camp, and things are becoming more intense, and more “top end stuff” which Coach has been holding me back on until now. Even though my first race is in 1 week in Abu Dhabi, the main race for my early season is the Gold Coast, which is what the selectors are looking at in terms of qualification for Rio. Don’t get me wrong, I want to race well in Abu Dhabi as it will be a good reflection on how my winter training has gone, and to have an Olympic distance under my belt is good, but I will need to concentrate more on the GC race in terms of qualification.

Today saw a really fun day in training for the D Squad. Our first “hurt session” was a 3k open water swim race, where myself, Mari and Lisa ended up in a 3 – way sprint, which I’ll take the win for (with about 0.00000001 seconds in it…literally!). The next “hurt session” – a 1500m open water race, and these 2 fishes gave me a good whipping, not saying anymore than that! LOL. The last “hurt session” ended on a high, we all did a 10km running race – Ginos Fun Run – which is quite well known, not only by the locals, but from athletes that have trained here in the past. I was so nervous about this bloody 10km race, so it was good to get that feeling of the nerves before a race again. I was happy coming in as 1st lady! It was super hot, even though it started at 6.30pm- which was getting close to my bed time for anyone that knows me! But it was such a fun race to be a part of, and would recommend it to anyone who’s out there.

We are continuing with the top end sessions and race practice leading into the coming races. It’s gone really quick here and can’t believe we are leaving for the WTS races soon! There have been some races starting around the world in AUS and USA, so now the race season is upon us, and everyone is getting ready to try and hit their early season goals and the D Squad group are no different. We had our annual “D Squad World Championships” here in Stellenbosch. Coach sets up his usual challenging course – which was a 2km spin away from my house, pretty perfect to start. So, 4 in a lane, swimming nice and tight, technical bike course to keep us on our toes, then a fast run loop x2, it was a nice hit out, and so much fun.

We are into our last week now here in Stellenbosch, and then off we jet for the first WTS race in Abu Dhabi. 2016, has begun. I hope everyone is having some fun in training and enjoying getting some more lactic filled sessions in the program like I am. The early challenges are starting, and I’m in a good place to do what I can and that’s all you can do. As I said before – easier said than done and it is difficult to remember that most of the time, so Darren and my family have to keep me in check, reminding me of that.

Happy training everyone and thank you for all your support.