Wow! January was a challenging month!

Everyone who follows and supports me will be aware of the challenges my family and I went through at Christmas. The very early arrival of my nephew Zak who is now looking like a healthy cute chubby baby (I’m so happy I can now say that) was extremely tough.

With Zak now doing well it was time for me to fly out to San Diego to join up with the D-Squad. Through the Christmas period I had been struggling with slight problems with my calves and achilles so it was good to get them looked at by specialists to get me back on track. I learnt my lesson from trying to push through the pain during December and early January finding myself extremely frustrated when I was unable to run.

However, I was keen not to let this get me down and to turn it into a positive. As I was unable to do much running in January it allowed me to concentrate on swimming and cycling. I also found myself spending more time in the gym, working on specific areas which I normally might not have the time for.

As always my coach has been pushing me to keep improving and to change my bad habits, which for me is one of the most difficult things to do. He knows how to push me – hard session, I’ll love it – physical session, I’ll love it – but mentally I hate it! This is only because I find it more difficult and become frustrated! I will always challenge myself to become the best I can be and am currently concentrating on numerous aspects to keep myself progressing.

Now we’re in February – Zak is over 8lb’s and is a healthy baby boy! He’s still receiving extra oxygen but this should be reduced in the next few days. I’m enjoying my time in San Diego, working hard with Cam Good and Sean Jefferson who are on the same mission as me – Rio 2016 Olympics! It’s great to be here with them as we motivate each other well. Living with Lisa Studuch, our team physio and Cam’s better half definitely has its up sides after Darren puts me through one of the hard sessions I love!

I’m now getting excited with only a few weeks left in San Diego before heading on to Abu Dhabi for the first WTS race. It seems early to start the season but I’m looking forward to it all the same especially with my mum and dad heading out to watch and support.

Stay safe in England if you’re out training in the cold – I’ve heard there has been lots of snow and black ice!

One last point! I’m thrilled to have partnered with Asics for 2015 – It’s by far the best shoe on the market for me and I’m looking forward to racing in them through the season.