It’s definitely time for an update…plus, Santa is coming!!!

Just one line to say 2016: you’re in the past…now on to future challenges to be had in 2017.

So, my 2017 training is well underway and it’s been challenging in a way I am not very fond of. Strange to admit really, as normally I’m well up for any challenge. But this is a different kettle of fish and my patience has been tested to the MAX! Swimming first off has been full of technical changes (yet again), which for me is massively challenging as my mentality is to just go hard, but now I am having to focus on and realise that technique is key. I know that this is the main area that needs to improve if I want to be swimming with the best. I know I can do it…now it’s putting in the hard work and stepping it up a gear for next year! Things are moving forward and I’m