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A mixed bag of good and bad news …

Friday, May 29th, 2015

I have been sitting on the sidelines for most of this season and it’s been extremely tough to see all the girls out there racing. It’s what I train for and what I love to do. There is nothing better than being in a race competing against the best in the world. Pushing your body and mind to its limits, fighting against the doubts in your own head. This feeling hits me most during the run, so having not been able to run due to injury has been extremely difficult.

So, what has taken so long for me to get back? Well, as my coach would say, “the squiffy feet have finally taken their toll and the injury was only a matter of time”.  This injury was not a torn muscle or a broken bone, not even a very annoyed tendon but basically weak foot biomechanics! It wasn’t going to allow me to run, so it has been a battle to program my feet to run better, straighter and stronger. This is not sorted, but is far better and I am happy to say I am now running, and looking forward to returning back to DSquad camp after the London Hyde Park race!

I hear you say; well this is all good news, what’s the bad? The bad news is I’m not going to be on the start line in one of my favorite races of the season. My home race and the one I love the most because of the fantastic support I get. This was a really hard choice for me but unfortunately I’m just not ready to race. It’s going to be a tough weekend but I’m going down to support my Columbia Threadneedle team on Saturday and then I will be commentating on the elite race on Sunday with the BBC. I’ll have got to remember to talk slightly slower than normal so everyone can understand my Black Country twang :-0

I want to thank all the support team that I’ve been working with at Loughborough University. Special mentions go to Gemma, Lucy and Kate who have had their work cut out. They even got a warning from Darren to not let themselves be persuaded by me to go faster. I have been a nightmare but they have been golden! Also, everyone on my Stimpson team including my sponsors Columbia Threadneedle, Cervelo, TYR, Asics, Oakley and PowerBar for standing by me on the sidelines, as supportive as ever. I know how lucky I am not only to have the best equipment in triathlon but also the best people behind the equipment!

Whilst I have been at Loughborough, I have been staying at Cat and Joel Jamersons house who have been fantastic to have me in their home for so long! Thank you guys not only for having me in your home but just for being you!

Finally, I know the Columbia Threadneedle team, which is full of their staff and clients, are racing the London Hyde Park in both individual and relay. I want to wish them the best of luck in the race! Some have already caught the triathlon bug and some are totally new to the sport, which is fantastic to get some more people addicted to triathlon. So to all of the team competing, go and smash it, have fun and earn yourself a well earned celebration after the race.

I was down with some of the team in Hyde Park a few weeks ago on a Wednesday evening and got to watch them jump into the Serpentine. To see so many people turn up was brill, it just shows how triathlon is growing and it is amazing to be a part of. I can’t wait to get back in the mix!

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