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World Triathlon Series Update

Monday, September 12th, 2016

Okay…most will now be aware that the WTS Series has finished for me. The final KO blow was an injury to my foot that was confirmed last night as being a 5cm tear to my left Achilles. Not quite sure what I have done to 2016, but for some reason it was not my year. With not being selected for Rio, I focused on ending the season well in the Series but now I’m unable to do that so what do I do?! I’m devastated that I won’t be able to race the Grand Final and end the 2016 season on a high.

I escaped to Boulder to go and train with Siri Lindley and her bunch of star athletes, who all welcomed me with open arms. Before going out I’d picked up what I thought was just a niggle, that would soon clear up with a bit of treatment and rest. This resulted in not much running at all in the last month, so on top of not going to Rio, I couldn’t even go and do what I love to help heal my heart break. Sometimes for me, the best medicine to mend a broken heart is to go out and kill myself in training. Pushing as hard as I can is kind of a relief for me – it makes me feel good. This is what I did on race day in Rio. I w