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With everyone gearing up for Rio Olympics, what am I up to?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

So Rio is just around the corner and I’m on the roller coaster of emotions with having some days where to be honest I forget about the race, and these are the days I like. And of course when I’m training this is never an issue and I just get lost in the session and the goals I’m training for, but I’m not going to lie…there are times where I’ll read a tweet, see athletes leaving for Rio, an advert on TV or an article in the Daily Mirror saying I’m a medal contender for Rio?! And I’m like…this is rubbish! But I’ve got the support I need to get through it. Training is actually going okay but the down times are getting a little bit more often with Rio so close.

What I need now is a bubble containing happy, positive, motivational people with different targets…so I’m going to Boulder! Anyone that knows anything about Boulder knows it’s a bit of a long distance triathlon HUB and is known for being a bit of a triathlon mecca so I’m going to love it! I’m so excited.

Before that little trip I’m going to race the London Triathlon on Sunday which I’m really looking forward to. It’s nice to be able to race a great UK race like the London Tri. Something to keep the training and race prep ticking over, then a few days at home and I’m off! Get my head down for 3 weeks before leaving to race Edmonton and Cozumel, the last 2 races in the WTS series.

I have a great opportunity to go and train with Siri Lindley and her amazing group of athletes. Siri was an amazing athlete herself, and not only known for what she has accomplished as a competitor, but also as an amazing coach, so I’m extremely lucky to be able to go and learn from her. I’ve never really had a conversation longer than a few sentences with Siri, so I really just know her from what she has achieved, but this is just the outlining of a person that I think a lot of. Over email she has been great, which I’m very grateful for. She is already showing me so much love and support from the U.S and she has her hands full with a team, not only going for glory in Kona but 70.3 as well, so I’m looking forward to getting it given to me by some hard core guys and gals in the group! Thank you in advance for having me with you all.

I have had loads of support from many fantastic people through this tough time. Messages over social media, sponsors, family and friends have really shown how amazing they are and have been nothing but supportive towards me, and people close to me know I have really needed them at times, and will do over the next few weeks. But I’m okay…I’m still able to do what I love, and compete against the best in the world, even if I won’t be at graduation party, I’m happy to be a fresher for this year. I’m still loving pushing the limits, and finding new boundaries both physically and mentally for sure.

This is the last blog I’m doing before the Big Day, so I’m going to end it by saying I wish everyone on the start line in Rio the very best of luck for the race. Let the years of hard work come out to shine and leave nothing left when you cross that line. I have no regrets, just new beginnings to come. And finally a note to my GBR girls Non, Vicky and Helen – go give it some girls! Wear that Union Jack with pride and I wish you all the very best of luck!



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