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Race Week Insight

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

I’m changing things up a little and giving you another insight into my race week. This one will be a little different, with the arrival of Mum, who I’m so excited to see, but before that, a little mention about Stockholm WTS.

Stockholm is officially my bogey race. All I want to do is forget about it, but I feel I owe you guys an explanation. I think we’ve come to the decision it was an altitude problem. Going into the race I was quite excited, training was going well and I wasn’t ill – there was no reason why I felt so terrible. First lap of the swim and I felt fine, I was happy with my positioning but as soon as I dived in for the second lap my energy was just zapped, I got dropped a few places, got out onto T1 and felt disorientated to the point where I forget where my bike was (quite embarrassing considering it was parked right at the front!!!). Onto the bike I tried to push on but getting dropped from the 1st pack, to being solo, the chase pack, to being solo, to the third pack, to being solo. I was literally going backwards. I would rather come last than pull out of a race, but I started to get blurred vision and started to feel sick, so I had to pull the plug. I didn’t know if I’d be able to get up the transition hill again, but I managed it and as soon as I handed by bike over the railings . . . well, you can imagine what happened. But that was then, and this is now, onwards to Hamburg WTS.

1 Week to go…

It’s Saturday today which means 1 week to go. We are doing the DSquad Lake Montriond World Champs. Anyone that’s been following me for a few years will know that this is a DSquad tradition. That every year we have mini World Champs between the squad members, to get the little things practiced under the pressure of the group…and Darren of course! This years Champs consisted of GBR, SWE and RSA, so you would think less room for error. The format was as follows: a 1300m ish swim, 15km bike, and 2.5km run. Things went well and we got the title lol. But more importantly it was a hard, fun hit out with my friends and training partners, and showed things that need to be looked at going into Hamburg. Following this was an afternoon spin, and my body was ready for the taper.


So I’ve got a longish run, not the 2 hours that I’m used to, and my legs felt fine for that, so then it was back home and watched London Has Fallen (loved it, highly recommended), and in the background I had the Tour on, I’m just a little bit hooked #GOCAV!! and the L’Étape has come through Morzine today. From where I am living I can see the finish, and the flow of 15,000 riders coming through is making me feel very lazy! I was worried that I possible wasn’t doing enough training, but I’ve had an email pinged through from coach saying “all is fine” and I trust him. So I’m doing what I’m told, like I always do hey coach!


Starting with a morning run whilst the people of Morzine are still cleaning up the barriers of the race from yesterday and on the way back from my run popping into the shop to get a few food bits. Not wanting to buy too much as leaving in a few days, although got to the till and still bought too much – I think that’s a common theme with everyone!!! Then it’s off to the pool. This is where the doubts of race week come in, and doubting the time cycle set by coach on a “Monday Blues Day”. I got it handed to me in the pool with special thanks to Miss Norden who I was chasing. This just kept me going to get the set done, even after my little outburst to coach half way through the session, which I did apologise for afterwards. Then gym and bike spin to finish the day.


So today we started with a bike to run session x3 where Darren set a technical course, but not too technical by his standards! And then the run course was just a km loop. The main focus for the session was the technical bits on the bike, transitions and finding form quickly on the run. It went okay, legs didn’t feel fantastic but ticked the box, and then back home as the rain really started to pour here in Morzine. I finished packing my bag, which I always manage to overpack, but I would always rather have too much than too little, and packed the bike up as well. I’m not just saying this because I’m sponsored by them but Scicon Bike bags are the most effortless to use. I have been racing quite a bit this year and having the Scicon bag has made such a difference to how easy it is to get ready to go – please take a look at them! So then off to the pool for a dive set, and back home to Skype the family. Erin filled me in on her sports day and showed me how fast she can run! I miss them all so much, but excited to see Mum tomorrow. She is my best friend, and even though I’m training well and things are going okay, I still have times when things suck about Rio and it’s times like that when I lean on her the most.


Travel day – my worst day. The flight wasn’t due to depart until after 4pm so was quite nice to have a relaxed morning but a productive one at the same time. So I went to the launderette and put on some washing, then back and got to meet Catherine Jamerson for a nice morning run before then heading back and packing the last few bits up. Mari has still been living up the mountain in Avoriaz, some 20mins and another 800m up the mountain, so she drove down to me in Morzine at about 12.30 and I drove from there to the airport. The flight was pretty straight forward, however it took us forever then to get to the hotel, arrived after 9pm, so it had been a long day, but I was now with my Mum so I was happy! My good luck charm!


Briefing day of course, but first it’s a little bit of training. Start with a morning run, breakfast (hotel was lovely thank you), swim and lunch. Me and Mum went to our soup shop which is amazing, and the lady behind the counter remembers us every year! Post lunch ride (turbo :-/) then an early dinner where I went on trip advisor and found a lovely Thai, so I had chicken and noodles and on to briefing.


Pre race day, so met the Squad and coach for a course reccie which we did in the pouring rain, so was well practiced if the heavens did decide to open up on us. Back to dry off and have a break before heading to the pool for a normal pre race swim set. Back to the hotel and its boring legs up time, so me and Mum watched a movie called “Room” – good movie! Then went out for the pre race dinner where I always have seafood pizza, yummy!!!!


Race day, but with the race not starting till 4.43pm, it was going to be a long day no matter what. I got up and did a morning run, had some breakfast and went to the swimming pool, then back and still had to wait a little while to get ready for the race.

Going in as Number 1 as Flora was away getting ready for Rio, was in one way an honour, especially with having athletes like Gwen in the field. Dived in and feeling a bit better in the water but still not near where I need to be, left me quite a fair way back AGAIN – not a happy chappy! Big effort on the bike to get into the race and this was the second pack, as Lucy Hall among 6 others were up the road, and this is where it stayed. For 4 laps the gap stayed around 30 seconds then coming into T2 was just under a minute so it was going to be tough.

I ran out of T2 solid and was quickly joined by Barbara who I knew was running well, then not long at all until I saw Gwen coming through. I just thought – “I’m going” so I hooked on to the train and just kept on trying to hold Gwen and seconds! So I didn’t run with the long legs of Gwen but this gaped me from the runners behind, and I managed to pass everyone from the group that was in front apart from Katie and Rachel, so was happy with my 4th, but so much more to work on! This then got me in the GBR relay team, fast fast fast, and what great fun. What another great way to show off our sport of triathlon! We didn’t come away with the result we wanted, but wasn’t for the lack of grit by anyone on the team.

Now I’m back in Morzine and will race for EJOT next weekend before the final prep for the London Triathlon which I’m also really excited about! It’s all still a working progress guys, getting ready for the last 2 races of the WTS! I want to thank my Mum, Simon, Sarah, Beautiful Baby Jess, Derek (yes this is the famous Auntie Derek), Grant and Olly for coming out to Hamburg to support me, and also to mad cousin Carli for coming to Stockholm. I really do have the best team behind the scenes, and when they get to watch me race it’s so good having them there. Lastly thank you so much to Columbia Threadneedle for looking after me and my family, I really feel very honoured to have them backing me!

Happy training guys, summer I hear has finally arrived in the UK . . . for now!

Take care,

Jodie xxx

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