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Race Week Insight

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

I’m changing things up a little and giving you another insight into my race week. This one will be a little different, with the arrival of Mum, who I’m so excited to see, but before that, a little mention about Stockholm WTS.

Stockholm is officially my bogey race. All I want to do is forget about it, but I feel I owe you guys an explanation. I think we’ve come to the decision it was an altitude problem. Going into the race I was quite excited, training was going well and I wasn’t ill – there was no reason why I felt so terrible. First lap of the swim and I felt fine, I was happy with my positioning but as soon as I dived in for the second lap my energy was just zapped, I got dropped a few places, got out onto T1 and felt disorientated to the point where I forget where my bike was (quite embarrassing considering it was parked right at the front!!!). Onto the bike I tried to push on but getting dropped from the 1st pack, to being solo, the chase pack, to being solo, to the third pack, to being solo. I was literally going backwards. I would rather come last than pull out of a race, but I started to get blurred vision and started to feel sick, so I had to pull the plu