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European Championship – Geneva

Friday, July 10th, 2015

This season has been far from normal and has without a doubt been the most frustrating start to the year I have ever had! With having only competed once (and I don’t know if you could class it as a race) it’s far from what I had planned. I have had to learn, plans sometimes change whether you like it or not.

Moving on to the London WTS series race… I thought it would be harder than it was not racing at one of my favorite home races. Working with the Columbia Threadneedle triathlon team really helped with this and supporting those guys on the Saturday made such a difference. It was fantastic fun to be around, seeing people who were already addicted to triathlon, being a part of a competitive relay and fighting for the win with their teammates. It was equally great to be around those people who were newbies and doing it all for the first time. They all finished and all did fantastically.

I then had an assessment to do… if I could do a tempo run with my coach on the Sunday morning, then I would be eased back into camp with the DSquad. This had to be pain free so I was extremely nervous and just wanted to get back to what I love doing, so thank god I passed :-).  I enjoyed the day with the BBC, commentating on the race even more knowing that I was going to be joining my training partners in Morzine @Tri4TheAlps to get my season going!

So how have things been since I have been here in Morzine? As normal my coach had to hold me back on the running. Only at the beginning to make sure the injury didn’t come back. The trails out here are amazing but it did take a little getting used to again. After not running for over 2 months it was amazing to get that feeling back that I had lost.

I’m happy to say I have had a uninterrupted block of training for 5-6weeks and I feel like things are coming back together well. There have been a lot of changes in training yet again; just always trying to do things better. There have also been a few heated moments with my coach and I which is to be expected. I like to think I’ve got to keep him on his toes but its been much more of Darren not letting up and always striving for more, but this is what I need and what I have come to expect.

My sponsors couldn’t have been better since I have been on camp. Talk about keeping me in the best equipment possible. I have a new baby to ride, which is a stunning Di2 R5 and TYR goodies on their way with my dad who is coming out to watch Geneva. PowerBar products are keeping me climbing over the DuPlan which is my favorite climb over here and many times up Avoriaz which is where I having been living the past few weeks. Oakley have been keeping my eyes protected from the fantastic weather we have been having and Asics which I am so happy to say keep my feet happy WHILST I HAVE BEEN RUNNING! I am so lucky to have this team behind me that have been continuously supporting me whilst I have been racing! Thank you guys it really means so much to have you on my team.

Now on to the race…! As I said, my training has been going well and its been great being back in the Dsquad camp along with the DSquad girls plus the team of boys keeping us in line; Darren, Sam and Michael who has been a great team member since I have rejoined the group. We also had a DSquad camp where a few different age group triathletes join us which kept us on our toes, but I know I’m ready to race. It’s weird to say I have first race nerves going into my first Olympic distance race this summer but I’m racing and happy to be fit and healthy on the start line in Geneva. To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I raced at a European Championship so it’s so exciting and GB I hear have a huge team so its even better. Good luck to everyone racing in Geneva over the weekend. I hope you all reach your goals you have set! Look forward to seeing you all out there!

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