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I’m really not happy to have to say I’m unable to race one of the toughest triathlons on the circuit.

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Anyone who knows me will know I love to race! It’s what I train for! You may say, surely that’s what everyone trains for but you might be interested to here that some prefer to train than race! Racing is where you test yourself (body and mind) to the limit against the best triathletes in the world. Unfortunately I have to give in to the condition of my body on this occasion and get it right for the rest of the season.

When I joined up with Darren in San Diego I had an achilles issue which we monitored and worked hard to get to Abu Dhabi. I knew I wasn’t 100% when I got off the flight – the achilles was sore and this was a big problem. It was a horrible feeling not to be in my best possible condition for the first race. With this in mind I have chosen to get the injury sorted now rather than let it linger on through the year so I can compete at my best!

I’m working closely with Darren and Lisa Studach our team physio out here. My main goal this year is in August – the Olympic test event in Rio – and the WTS Grand Final in September. Both of these a