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Whats been going on in my world?

Ok so there is loads to fill you in on since my last blog which has been far too long ago, it's hard to know where to start!

First things first, in case you're not aware my nephew Zak as born on 18th September, 13 weeks premature. He weighed in at 2lb 3oz and was very poorly, suffering with chronic lung disease, a PDA in his heart, 2 bleeds on his brain, and general immaturity throughout his body. Zak is 10 weeks old today and weighing in at 4lb 9oz the consultants are ready to send him home on Monday, but all is not as simple as it seems. Zak will be going home on oxygen and will have numerous outpatient appointments with the physio, dietician, consultant, eye specialist and brain specialist. 

 When Zak was 2 weeks old he had a pulmonary hemorrhage which resulted in him collapsing and neonatal nurses having to give him CPR for 3 minutes before "bringing him back". My sister and Dean were trying to think of ways to thank the Drs and nurses on the unit (although nothing will ever be enough to repay what they've done for him) but they decided to try and raise funds to put back into the unit. This resulted in me wanting to do my bit and I thought an auction would be a good idea. So I would like to thank all the fantastic athletes that have been kind enough to donate kit, photographs, etc for the Auction. I am pleased to say that all funds raised will be going to Russells Hall Neonatal Unit. It's been fantastic to watch the auction go on and with only 9 days to go it's on the countdown, so come on guys, this is a one off opportunity to grab some goodies from the best in the world, all for a good cause, just in time for CHRISTMAS!

Visit the auction Website here:

So with Zak coming out on Monday I'm gutted not to be there for his home coming. So where am I? At the minute I'm writing this blog from Kenya Iten, where I've been training now for a little under 3 weeks. It's been great training with the squad and coach out here, and whoever follows me on social media will have seen that myself and Lisa Norden have been putting in some serious training hours, mainly on the Turbo trainers in preparation for Challenge Bahrain which is a 70.3 race that we are both racing on the 6th December.

Why am I racing a 70.3? Am I going long ? Ha ha, these are some of the questions I've had, so may as well answer them on here. 
Why?  Because it's a challenge. Yes I feel very much out of my depth against a field which couldn't have more world class women in it, from Olympic medallists, to class 70.3 girls, to the Kona World Champion and that just some. More to home there are the likes of Jodie Swallow and Rachel Joyce from GBR, I mean the list is endless, so to race these girls is going to be so much fun. Yes I'm weird, as I know I'm going to be in a whole lot of hurt in the race but I'm so excited to try something new and race with these chicks in my first 70.3 distance (am I mad or what!!!)
So, am I going long?   ERRMMM NOOOOO WAYYY!!!! This is a challenge and I'm up for it, but there is no way I'm going long now. Yes in the future but this is the far future I'm talking about, and is no where near yet. I'm totally focused on trying to make the Rio GB Olympic Team, this is a dream I've had since . . . forever and I'm 100% driven to do all I can to get there.


I'm finishing off the last few days of hard work with Darren and the training group out here in Kenya and then making the trip over to Bahrain with Lisa. It's been fantastic to be back training with the girls again and it's great to see Lisa back in business. So I'm excited for the challenge coach has given me, and then I'm back home for Christmas to be with my family and friends.
I hope everyone is getting into the spirit of Christmas back home, and everyones winter training is going well.
Next blog won't be so long and I'll fill you in on the madness of the 70.3, and some exciting news I have coming into the New Year.

Take care everyone 
Jodie xxx

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